Battle of Coronel and the Falklands – One Towns Link to Two Forgotten Naval Battles of World War One

Squeaky Pedal has produced a 2 x 20min documentary telling the the story of two unknown naval battles that occurred during the early years of the First World War. The tale itself has everything you would expect from a Hollywood film script with colourful characters, action, adventure, tragedy and incredible luck. The difference is that instead of coming from the mind of a scriptwriter all of these events and characters are true and involved local people.

Just two examples of these incredible stories are how completely outnumbered and outgunned Admiral Christopher Craddock decided to take his antiquated squadron into action against a more powerful German fleet off the coast of Chile which led to the loss of 1,575 sailors, including three men from Crewe. Also how a practice shell fired by an antiquated British battleship saved the British fleet from destruction at a later engagement at the Battle of the Falklands.

By linking these battles with the local people who fought and were lost in them I intend to show how at Coronel the Germans managed the inflict the first defeat on the Royal Navy since the War of 1812, and how the British response led to their subsequent victory at the Falkland Islands two months later.

The documentary – written, produced and presented by Squeaky Pedal. Features local actors to bring the key characters of the time to life making the documentary a purely local production. Whilst much of the local coverage has focused on individual stories of the conflict little has mentioned regarding the battles local people fought in, with an even smaller mention of the navy’s involvement. It is through this project that Squeaky Pedal has tried to bring these forgotten battles to life via the local people who fought in them.

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