Paddy has his Derry premiere

It’s taken quite a while to get together a screening for our film ‘Finding Wee Paddy’, telling the tale of Derry born British soldier Patrick McGowan who died helping save the life of a civilian during the Battle of Shanghai in 1937. Although buried a hero, decades of political and industrial transformation in Shanghai meant his grave was lost and forgotten by everyone except Sara, who led a one-woman media campaign to find his grave culminating in a remarkable piece of historical detective work.

Thanks to the lovely folk at The Nerve Centre in Derry for hosting us. It’s amazing to continue sharing Paddy’s story with new audiences, and a meaningful experience to finally show the film in his home City. Watch this space as we may be returning!

Great time over in Northern Ireland for the first ever screening of ‘Finding Wee Paddy’ in Derry!

Posted by Squeaky Pedal on Saturday, 23 February 2019

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